More Sexy Role-play Ideas for Your Bedroom Games

Secretary Boss Role-play

Here are some more wickedly fun sexual fantasies and ideas for erotic role-play games you can use to spice up your adult play. Use these juicy sex scenarios to whet your desire and stimulate your erotic imagination. In your naughty role-play games, you can enjoy pretend affairs and play dirty together without cheating. You can…

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Play this Dirty Truth or Dare App as a Sex Game for Couples

Sexy Dare Body Shot

You may have played a naughty version of truth or dare when you were younger. It may have involved kissing your friends or maybe fondling each other in a closet during seven minutes in heaven. You can recapture that sense of erotic discovery and risqué playfulness as an adult too. Now you can play dirty…

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Suck! Me: Couples Sex Game for Erotic Vampire Lovers

Sexy Vampire Costume

Dracula and all the creepy vampire variations have haunted and fascinated our imaginations for ages. You may have seen some of the many popular new movies and TV series featuring these lascivious creatures. Their hypnotic power to seduce others with elegant charm and sophistication inspires our own desire for control and submission. We want to…

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Frisky Sexual Fantasies and Erotic Roleplay Games for Couples

Sexy Teacher Role-play Costume

In this article, you’ll discover a few wickedly delicious sex fantasies that you can roleplay in your bedroom tonight. Once you’ve whet your appetite with these hot and spicy ideas, you’ll find out how to get even more juicy sex scenarios to satisfy your hunger. For couples in a committed, long term relationship, sex doesn’t…

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Make Your Own Mental Foreplay Games With Fun Sex Questions

Hot Sex Talk

Guys, ever wonder how to keep a woman interested in sex or how to increase her desire? Having an intimate conversation with her can be a great start. And for women who want their man to express his feelings, talking about sex can be a great way to lead into even more intimate relationship topics.…

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