69 Foreplay Ideas to Make Your Own Bedroom Games for Couples

Frisky Foreplay Ideas

Not everyone wants to visit a sex store to buy couples games. If you crave more spice in your love life, make your own bedroom games using dice or cards. Just write down a list of ideas and map them to the card or dice combinations. It’s easy to do and you can change the activities later to mix up your sex play even more.

There are many regular card and dice games you can play using your list of foreplay ideas. With a little imagination, you can make up special rule changes so you both get to sensually play with each other too. Many board games using dice can also be enhanced with foreplay events. If you are eager to get down to business, just roll the dice or pick a card to choose an activity to perform – new combinations of pleasure again and again.

To get you started, here is a list of 69 foreplay ideas you can use to make up your own bedroom games. Play any couples game for two and make up your own rules to enjoy each other.

  1. As sexy as you can, strip off one piece of clothing
  2. Slowly remove an article of clothing from your partner (your choice)
  3. Slow dance together for one song – great when you are naked
  4. Put on one item of lingerie or sexy clothing your lover chooses
  5. Standing, hug and kiss each other passionately (French kissing)
  6. Perform a lap dance to music while removing one item of clothing
  7. Describe in detail a raunchy sex scenario involving both of you
  8. Lightly stroke your lover’s face, lips, neck and ears with your finger tips
  9. Caress, kiss and lick up and back down your lover’s legs
  10. Tickle the back of your partner’s knee with the tip of your tongue
  11. Trace the major lines on your lover’s palm with the tip of your tongue
  12. Take your lover’s thumb in your mouth and caress it with your tongue
  13. Lick and suck each finger on one of your lover’s hand
  14. Lick your partner’s wrist at the pulse point – exhale hot breaths on it
  15. Standing, snuggle up behind your partner – caress and fondle them
  16. Lick your lover’s nipple then blow cool air on it – repeat
  17. Warm your lover’s nipple in your mouth then suck in cool air around it
  18. Read a short passage from an erotic novel aloud in a sexy voice
  19. Fast forward to a hot & steamy part in an erotic movie – watch one scene
  20. Tickle the back of your lover’s neck with the tip of your tongue
  21. Seductively describe in detail how you want to ravish your lover later
  22. Use an artist brush to swirl flavored lube on your lover’s nipples
  23. Pick an advanced sex position from a book to try out later
  24. Pick a random page in a sex guide and use the technique later in your sex play
  25. Place tender kisses all over your lover’s face
  26. Stroke and rub your partner’s nose with your nose
  27. Choose something from the refrigerator to smear on and lick off your lover
  28. Blow “raspberries” on your lover’s belly or other ticklish regions of their body
  29. Use your tongue to tickle your lover’s stomach – belly and sides
  30. Sensually lick flavored lube or liquor from your lover’s navel
  31. Softly whisper how hot and excited you are into your lover’s ear
  32. Tenderly stroke, caress and kiss an exposed part of your lover’s body
  33. Expose your bum and allow your lover to give you a sensual spanking
  34. Orally pleasure an exposed erogenous zone – Kiss, lick, suck and nibble it
  35. Perform a sensual, relaxing or erotic massage – your lover’s choice
  36. Apply hot breaths to warm your lover’s crotch
  37. Use your tongue to stroke out loving or sexy words on your lover’s back
  38. Use your finger tips to massage your lover’s head and neck
  39. Pretend to have a wild and intense orgasm – put on a sexy show
  40. Massage each of your lover’s toes using oil, cream or lube
  41. If exposed, oral pleasuring in any position your lover chooses
  42. Select a sex toy and describe how you will pleasure your lover with it
  43. Stimulate your lover with a sex toy (visual stimulation counts)
  44. Lightly drag your nails down your lover’s back in different patterns
  45. Use a feather to tickle your lover’s face, neck and ears
  46. Make up a fantasy scene involving your lover self pleasuring while you watch
  47. Write you a sex coupon involving dressing up or erotic use of clothing
  48. Choose a sexy outfit or accessory for your lover to wear while making love
  49. Look into your lover’s eyes as you suck one of their fingers and fondle them
  50. Massage and nibble on your lover’s butt cheeks
  51. Kiss, lick and play with your lover’s testicles
  52. Lightly tickle your lover’s tailbone and between their butt cheeks
  53. Pleasure your lover with a sex toy – flip a coin to determine who chooses
  54. Caress your lover’s bare feet with your bare feet
  55. Stimulate yourself by rubbing against your lover’s leg
  56. Take your lover’s nipple in your mouth and hum as you lick
  57. Lightly bite and nibble your lover’s buttocks
  58. Use your breasts to caress any exposed region of your lover’s body
  59. Kiss and nibble along your lover’s neck and shoulder from the back
  60. Kiss and lick your lover’s throat and under their chin
  61. With the tip of your tongue, lick along your lover’s collar bone
  62. Find and read aloud a few dirty jokes – use books or the internet
  63. Quickly draw a favorite sex position, activity or erotic image for your partner
  64. Look on the internet together for ‘erotic art’ and discuss what inspires you
  65. Use an ice cube & your tongue to cool then heat an exposed erogenous zone
  66. Use a vibrator to stimulate your partner’s neck, chest and nipples
  67. Describe a new location where you would like to have sex and how
  68. Lightly stroke your lover’s inner thighs, along the crease and over their hips
  69. Apply your lover’s favorite perfume or cologne on a different part of your body

While many of the above foreplay ideas are gender neutral, a few are geared more for the man or woman to perform while the other receives. Pick and choose ones you like, modify them or create your own. Add a time limit while performing these activities if you choose or let them play out until you are satisfied.

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Please share some of your favorite foreplay ideas that you use in your couples games together.