Dice Strip Game – Rolling Together In or Out of Bed

Erotic dice make some of the easiest bedroom games to play. It’s as simple as rolling the dice and performing an action. You can play sexy dice games almost anywhere. Rolling dice together can have you rolling into bed with each other amazingly fast. But sometimes you want to play your games a little longer. You want something with a touch of strategy and cunning – couples games that get your competitive juices flowing.

There are times when you want to prolong the anticipation of great sex with more foreplay. To build your excitement as you slowly strip each other naked – teasing and tantalizing each other with naughty pleasures until you can’t resist each other any longer. You want a simple strip game that mixes in different types of mental and physical pleasuring. A foreplay game that isn’t too complicated, is quick to setup and doesn’t have too many pieces to get in the way of your fun.

We’ve gone through some ways to make your own sexy dice games – Get Lucky with Frisky Dice. Let’s explore how another regular dice game can be transformed into an erotic variation that mixes in luck, strategy and foreplay. And of course we’ll include stripping too.

Drop Dead is an exciting dice game for any number of players. The objective is to obtain the highest total score rolling 5 dice to start with. If you roll any 2’s or 5’s (hot numbers), you score nothing and must remove those dice from your next roll. Continue rolling and totaling your score until all your dice have been stripped away – you drop dead.

This might not seem like the basis of a sexy foreplay game. But notice that dice are being stripped away – why not give players an option to keep their points (hot numbers included) if they choose to strip instead. You can get lucky or you can get naked.

Another problem with the original game is that you could lose all your dice on the very first roll. We want the game to last a little longer than that and we want to mix in some foreplay activities too. So, consider:

  • Rather than removing all the dice with a hot number (2,5), just remove one if you choose not to strip off an article of clothing to save it
  • If you choose to strip a die instead of your clothing, you will be at a disadvantage so let’s reward this option (accepting no points and losing a die) with mutual pleasuring
  • Always keep one die but play for a specified number of turns – near the end you may still have clothes on but may opt to strip and score a 5 if you think you can still win

With every roll of the dice you have the chance of rolling a 2 or 5. You will then need to make a choice: strip your dice or your clothing. Unless you’re naked of course, then you must strip your dice.

Now for the foreplay – you want a variety of different activities that get more intimate and explicit as you progress in the game. We can use your remaining dice to determine a random foreplay activity. Consider, the first activity will occur after you strip one die leaving you with 4 dice – a total of 24 (4×6) possible values. You can create a numbered list of 24 pleasuring activities that map to the number you roll.

Note that as you strip away more dice, your range of possible values is reduced. In fact you have a higher chance of hitting lower values once you’re further into the game (with less clothing most likely). Knowing this, lower values should map to more intimate or intense foreplay activities.

You can play for any number of rounds you want. 24 is a good number since it corresponds to the number of foreplay activities in your pleasuring list. Add score boxes next to each item and you have an instant scoring sheet.

Finally, you want to have a prize for the winner – a sexual favor or fantasy come true. Who ever has the highest score wins the reward agreed upon at the start of the game.

For full rules see: Dice Strip Game – Get Lucky or Get Naked! There is also an editable PDF template you can download, fill in and print out.

Hope you enjoy this quick and easy strip game for couples. We’d love to know what you think of it and your experience playing it. Please leave a comment to share your ideas.