Frisky Sexual Fantasies and Erotic Roleplay Games for Couples

Sexy Teacher Role-play Costume

In this article, you’ll discover a few wickedly delicious sex fantasies that you can roleplay in your bedroom tonight. Once you’ve whet your appetite with these hot and spicy ideas, you’ll find out how to get even more juicy sex scenarios to satisfy your hunger. For couples in a committed, long term relationship, sex doesn’t…

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Butterfly Tease: Erotic & Playful Sex Ideas for Couples

Butterfly Tease Sex Ideas

One of the best couples games you can play in your relationship is one that will keep your love life alive with great sex ideas. It’s simple to play but this sex game takes a very long time to play. In fact, you never really want the game to end. In this game, nobody ever…

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Perfect Lovemaking Games: Frisky Foreplay & Fooling Around

Frisky Foreplay Games

If you’re tired of the same old tame couples games and would rather play on the wild side, fooling around with frisky foreplay will be right up your alley. This is a different kind of sex game package. There are lots of sensual foreplay ideas included but it ramps up to some very kinky sex…

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Bet With Foreplay Strip Poker Rules for Couples

Strip Poker for Couples

Strip poker is usually more fun with a group of people but heads up poker could be a fun couples game too. If you really want to turn up the erotic heat in your private strip poker games for two, why not mix in some sexual favors with your wagers. This will make it more…

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Sexy Strip Poker Rules for Couples Games & Kinky Bedroom Fun


With all the interest in Poker on TV lately, it’s only natural that you would think of trying to play a game of heads up or two player Strip Poker with your lover. It can be a great way to get naked and ready for hot sex play. However, for couples, this classic strip game…

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