Make Your Own Mental Foreplay Games With Fun Sex Questions

Hot Sex Talk

Guys, ever wonder how to keep a woman interested in sex or how to increase her desire? Having an intimate conversation with her can be a great start. And for women who want their man to express his feelings, talking about sex can be a great way to lead into even more intimate relationship topics.…

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Hot Dirty Words Game – Give Boggle an Erotic Twist

Dirty Boggle Game

Ever wondered how you can turn Boggle into a hot couples game with lots of dirty talk and sensual foreplay? If you have a dirty mind and you’re feeling a little naughty, invite your sweetie to play a frisky game of Boggle with an erotic twist. Here is a video that describes how to turn…

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Affection – Double Her Desire for Hot Wild Sex

I recently discovered a new video from Gabrielle Moore. She’s a sex expert and well known author who knows how to help couples improve their love life and enjoy great sex together. Double Her Desire (Free Video) One of her secrets to make your woman desire more hot sex with you involves ways that demonstrate…

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Glacial Landforms – Wildly Wicked Word Play

Dirty Words Game: How would you use these Glacial Landforms in a salacious sentence or story? The posting for today includes three words since I missed the last two days. Since the guys at provided images to go along with their word a day emails, I decided to reference them for inspiration. Basically, they…

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Moraine – Wildly Wicked Word Play

Dirty Words Game: How would you use Moraine in a salacious sentence or provocative paragraph? Glacial landforms and sex would not normally be considered at the same time. But for this week the challenge for our adult word game is to use them together in a sexy sentence or story. I don’t know the Word…

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