Play this Dirty Truth or Dare App as a Sex Game for Couples

Sexy Dare Body Shot

You may have played a naughty version of truth or dare when you were younger. It may have involved kissing your friends or maybe fondling each other in a closet during seven minutes in heaven. You can recapture that sense of erotic discovery and risqué playfulness as an adult too. Now you can play dirty…

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Suck! Me: Couples Sex Game for Erotic Vampire Lovers

Sexy Vampire Costume

Dracula and all the creepy vampire variations have haunted and fascinated our imaginations for ages. You may have seen some of the many popular new movies and TV series featuring these lascivious creatures. Their hypnotic power to seduce others with elegant charm and sophistication inspires our own desire for control and submission. We want to…

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Suck! Me A Vampire Themed Sex Game for Couples

Vampire Queen

Have you ever thought of spicing up your sex life with a bit of erotic horror. May sound a little strange but, with the vampire craze continuing in the movies and on TV, why not try adding a touch of scary seduction to your foreplay games. Suck! Me is new a vampire themed sex game…

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Bet With Foreplay Strip Poker Rules for Couples

Strip Poker for Couples

Strip poker is usually more fun with a group of people but heads up poker could be a fun couples game too. If you really want to turn up the erotic heat in your private strip poker games for two, why not mix in some sexual favors with your wagers. This will make it more…

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Sexy Strip Poker Rules for Couples Games & Kinky Bedroom Fun


With all the interest in Poker on TV lately, it’s only natural that you would think of trying to play a game of heads up or two player Strip Poker with your lover. It can be a great way to get naked and ready for hot sex play. However, for couples, this classic strip game…

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