Sex is Fun so Why Play Couples Games?

Couples Playing Games Together

Everyone wants an exciting and satisfying sex life. One filled with erotic adventures, stimulating sensations, romantic intimacy and creative foreplay. You want to experience fun new emotional thrills that bring you closer together. You crave the exhilaration of going beyond the ordinary – exploring outside your comfort zone with a trusted, loving partner. You need to feel that rush of naughty excitement as you push past your inhibitions and free each other to indulge in new sensual pleasures. Discover how couples games can fulfill your desires and why you should play more.

If you want more excitement in your relationship, you know your partner does too. They may not show it but you know their passion is just waiting for the right spark. Sometimes we just need permission to unleash our secret sexual desires – that signal that it’s okay to be naughty, frisky and playful. Sexy games are perfect for introducing something fun and new into your relationship without feeling awkward about asking for it. When you both play to win, anything goes.

Types of Games for Couples to Play

If you want to play more fun and sexy games, here are a few reasons you can use to help encourage your partner to play too:

  • Romantic games set the mood for intimate touching, caressing and kissing. Strengthen your emotional bond when you slow down, gaze in each others eyes and talk more about your love and life together. Experience more closeness with a romantic massage or a relaxing bubble bath for two. Increase your level of trust so you feel confident exploring new love making ideas together.
  • Relationship games give you a chance to find out more about each other. Even in long term relationships, we all change and grow. Ensure you don’t drift apart. Discover new interests that you can enjoy together. Develop a better understanding of each other and what you both need in the relationship. As a reward (winner’s choice), do something completely new and challenging together.
  • Strip games are usually simple rule add-ons to regular games people play. Being forced to slowly strip as part of the game can be very exciting even if you are in an existing sexual relationship. Start playing innocently at first to break the ice. Then slyly increase the stakes and build the erotic tension. Begin with clothing removal and once you are naked, progress to erotic dares or more intimate rewards.
  • Bedroom games include more intimate sexual foreplay ideas. You know you are going to have sex but you want to spice up your routine with new foreplay tips and techniques. Foreplay games allow you to playfully delay sex while you arouse each other in new ways and combinations. Mix in special sex rewards or forfeits to really crank up the erotic heat in your bedroom.
  • Roleplay games allow you to explore your secret fantasies. Pretending to be different characters enables you to do things you might not let yourself do – it’s all part of the act. Relive special moments or create new ones in different locations. You can keep these games simple using only your imagination to get into character or go a little more extravagant with costumes and props. Even if you break out laughing or feel embarrassed, you will share memories that will bring you closer together.
  • Kinky games involve more unusual sexual antics. Exploring fetish or taboo sexual subjects together can be the ultimate in trust. Revealing your kinky desires may make you feel extremely vulnerable. But sharing these deeper thoughts and feelings can create a very strong bond between you. You may also just be curious and want to experiment.
  • Erotic games are not strictly sexual but do have an adult theme. Sexual trivia and adult truth or dare games may be included here too. Play these kinds of games to see how your partner reacts to different ideas that come up. Gaining more sex knowledge and learning more about how your partner thinks can make you a better lover. And of course, just thinking about sex will tend to make you want it more too.
  • Adult party games provide an exciting way to find out what your friends are doing in and out of bed. You may even discover a few new ideas to try out. You also get a new perspective on how other people think and feel about sex. Being aware of how they feel may allow you to view or express your own desires in a more positive way.

Playing adult games and making love in novel new ways also keeps you feeling and thinking younger. Great sex is scientifically proven to enhance your health – mind and body. Laughing and playing together while having amazing sex is the prefect recipe to invigorate your love life. Play a couples game tonight and get wild & crazy in love all over again.

We have collected a number of our sexy bedroom games in our first book:

Sex Games & Foreplay Ideas For Couples: Be Naughty Play Dirty Together

Remember, playing any game together with your partner is time well spent. Couples games involving sensual pleasure just make it even more fun.