Hot Dirty Words Game – Give Boggle an Erotic Twist

Dirty Boggle Game

Ever wondered how you can turn Boggle into a hot couples game with lots of dirty talk and sensual foreplay? If you have a dirty mind and you’re feeling a little naughty, invite your sweetie to play a frisky game of Boggle with an erotic twist. Here is a video that describes how to turn this family game into a wild dirty words game for two:

In the basic game of Boggle, you shake up a box of lettered cubes. During each turn, players secretly write down as many unique words as they can find using the letters shown. When the timer runs out, you compare your word list with the other player, cross out words that you both found and score for words only you found. In the dirty version, you’ll be looking for very different types of words. When playing as a dirty words sex game for couples, your focus will be on thinking up hot foreplay ideas to enjoy using the words you find. You get bonus points when you use the word to explicitly describe an erotic activity and then do it together.

Dirty Words Game With Stripping, Foreplay and Sex

All you need to do is use a regular Boggle game and the standard rules with the following enhancements:

  • All dirty words are allowed even if they are rude and nasty. Slang terms for body parts, erogenous zones and sexual activities are acceptable.
  • When either of you score with an interesting word that can be used in a sensual/sexual context, gain double points by using it in a descriptive, verbal request of your lover. They are obliged to perform it with or for you immediately. Take turns if you both found different naughty words on the same round. Only one request per player per turn is allowed unless you “steal” a word from your lover. This means you want to use the longest dirty word you have to get the most points.
  • If you can’t think of a foreplay activity using one of your scoring words, your partner has the option to “steal” a word from your list. If they come up with a sexy activity for you to perform, you lose the points you would have received for the word they used. They don’t get extra points though – just more pleasure.

As an example, suppose you find lick and your lover doesn’t. You score points for this word and you can use it in the following request: “I want you to apply flavoured oil to my nipples and lick them sensually”. The words used and activities should be specific, explicit and kept to a single sentence. Also, you can include stripping and foreplay in the same turn but stripping should be kept to one article of clothing at a time. Escalate to more intense sex play as your game play heats up.

See Dirty Boggle for more details and optional rules for this extra hot dirty words game for couples.

Why not inspire your sexual creativity and turn regular Boggle into your own dirty words game. Turn off the lights and TV, light a candle, get a drink and enjoy a night of erotic fun. You’ll be amazed at all the delightful foreplay ideas you can come up with. It’s also a great way to practice talking dirty as you think up ever more wild and sexy ideas for your partner to perform for your pleasure. Play it as a strip game that leads to even more frisky fun each round you play.

And if you ever wanted to learn the art of hot talk and seduction, check out the Secrets to Talking Dirty. Discover how to spice up your sex life in and out of bed with erotic talk. There is even a Dirty Dictionary with sexy words and phrases you can use. Get it and discover how to win more pleasure in your next game of dirty Boggle.

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