Make Your Own Sex Dice Games: Get Lucky with Frisky Love Dice

Lucky Love Dice

Want to shake up the variety in your sex life? Sometimes we get into a routine or pattern without even thinking about it. When you change the sequence or combination of foreplay in your bedroom games, you may discover new pleasure sensations that will get you even hotter for each other.

That’s where Frisky Dice come in – erotic dice combinations can be used to randomize the foreplay you enjoy. They can even be used to randomly select different sex positions, lovemaking locations, role playing ideas or even sex toys to play with. Even though you know the sex activities available, not knowing which ones or in what combination adds to the erotic anticipation and excitement.

For the following erotic dice game ideas, you will need two standard dice of different colors. This gives you 36 possible combinations (only 11 if the dice are the same color). Adapt the game designs for even more combinations using either more dice or using dice with more sides than 6. Essentially all you need to do is create a list of different activities and map them to the numbers on the dice. Then you each roll the dice in turn and perform the corresponding activity. One of the great things about making your own frisky dice is that you can design different sets of lists ranging from romantic to kinky – start off slow and change the lists when you are ready for more intense action.

Do Me Dice

You will need two lists one for each die color. Create one list with 6 actions (Do) and another list with 6 parts of your body (Me). Some samples are:

    Do: kiss, lick, suck, nibble, tickle, massage
    Me: arms, back, neck, legs, chest, butt

When you roll the dice, your lover matches up the corresponding action and body part then pleasures you as indicated. It can be a little tricky to choose actions that work with all the body parts especially when you attempt to work in more exotic foreplay pleasures. In some cases, think of the body part as a general region. For instance, arms could mean fingers, hand, wrist, elbow, etc. Also add a rule addition that the technique used must be slightly different each time if you get repeats.

For more fun, consider assigning sex positions (doggie, standing, oral, missionary, spoon, anal) to one list and locations (bedroom, kitchen, basement, outside, stairway, living room) to the other.

Pleasure Picker

Rather than limiting yourself to simple actions and body regions, spend a little bit more effort and detail 36 different pleasuring activities. Since you won’t have to worry about strange combinations that don’t make sense, you are free to include a full range of foreplay techniques. Include some exotic foreplay ideas you secretly desire. Design the list so you have a complete menu of erotic delights to enjoy. You can even create separate his & hers lists together. Or, make up your ideas privately to surprise each other with your wanton wish list.

Here is an editable PDF file you can download, fill in and print out: Erotic Dice Template

Create multiple lists if you desire – give each one a suggestive title. Make up 6 and use a die to choose which list you use for your bedroom games.

For each foreplay activity, agree on a time limit (requirement) of say 30 seconds to a full minute. Give yourself a few minutes at least for each sex position. Consider using a third die of a different color to determine the time – number rolled times 10 seconds of foreplay or times 1 minute for sex play. Add a fourth colored die for location around your house to really heat up the fun and games.

If you like, include other rule additions such as:

  • Roll a double and you get to roll again
  • If you roll two doubles in a row, strip one article of clothing
  • Set a time limit of 30-60 minutes
  • Check off each one done and play until you do them all

Your Frisky Dice game lists can also be used to spice up other regular games that use dice. For example, when playing Monopoly and you land on your lover’s property with a house, pay the rent but also perform the foreplay activity corresponding to your roll. And, when you land on a property with a hotel, use a hotter sex activity list.

Buy erotic dice with pre-printed actions, body parts and sex positions or design your own. Either way, it’s easy to shake up your sex life with frisky dice games for couples.

If you want a ready made sex game using 3 dice combinations, download the Frisky Foreplay game. It has over 200 erotic ideas for each of you. Or, click on the book link in the side bar to the right and get even more ideas for sexy games to play.

Please share your Do Me Dice lists or sample Pleasure Picker ideas for others to enjoy.