Hot Dirty Words Game – Give Boggle an Erotic Twist

Dirty Boggle Game

Ever wondered how you can turn Boggle into a hot couples game with lots of dirty talk and sensual foreplay? If you have a dirty mind and you’re feeling a little naughty, invite your sweetie to play a frisky game of Boggle with an erotic twist. Here is a video that describes how to turn…

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Vibrator Foreplay Ideas for Your Couples Games

Sexually Satisfied Woman

Do you play with sex toys together with your partner or do you feel they are only for masturbation? For frisky couples who like to play bedroom games, sex toys can add a lot of variety to the types of pleasure you can enjoy together. Let you erotic imagination run wild and you’ll come up…

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Hot Foreplay – Write Erotic Love Letters as Text Messages

Sexy Girl With Laptop

In this video, you’ll discover how you can use your cell phone to make your relationship sizzle with erotic intensity. Create a romantic game by flirting and teasing each other with sexy text messages. See how naughty you can be using digital foreplay to increase your desire for each other. Frisky Foreplay Erotic Love Letters…

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Dirty Sexy Love Dice Ideas for Couples Games

Lucky Dirty Dice

One of the easiest and best ways to spice up your lovemaking is to add a bit of randomness. That’s why sexy dirty dice are so popular. They’re simple and you get lucky with every roll of the dice. Even though you’ve done most of the foreplay combinations before, not knowing what to expect next…

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Butterfly Tease: Erotic & Playful Sex Ideas for Couples

Butterfly Tease Sex Ideas

One of the best couples games you can play in your relationship is one that will keep your love life alive with great sex ideas. It’s simple to play but this sex game takes a very long time to play. In fact, you never really want the game to end. In this game, nobody ever…

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