Make Your Own Mental Foreplay Games With Fun Sex Questions

Hot Sex Talk

Guys, ever wonder how to keep a woman interested in sex or how to increase her desire? Having an intimate conversation with her can be a great start. And for women who want their man to express his feelings, talking about sex can be a great way to lead into even more intimate relationship topics. An adult game for couples with sexy conversation starter questions could be just the thing to satisfy both your needs.

Here is a video about using fun sex questions for couples to increase sexual desire with hot talk that may even get a little dirty at times.

Get 469 Fun Sex Questions for Couples Today

The book comes with a broad range of questions that’ll help inspire your desire with creative new ideas for being naughty, frisky and playful. But rather than asking each other questions start to finish, think of different ways you can choose the questions randomly. Consider spicing up some of your regular couples games with new rules involving erotic truth or dare questions. You can even make your own sexy questions game for couples and use the intimate questions like mental foreplay. Then see how many you can get through before ravishing each other.

Spice Up Your Couples Games With Dirty Truth or Dare

Consider, when playing any game with points, every time you gain points, you can ask or answer the question corresponding to your current score. Depending on the game, multiply your score by some number to sample the full range of questions. Use the question and answer corresponding to the winning score to come up with a sexual reward. Here are some example games you can play with these intimate questions:

  • When playing billiards, each time you sink a ball, add the number of the ball to the number of the last question asked to come up with the next question.
  • While playing Monopoly, use the rent plus dice roll to determine the question. When the rent exceeds 450, strip off a few hundred to select a question in range or allow the player to pick any question they desire.
  • While playing Risk, after each turn in which armies were taken, add the total number captured to the number of the last question to determine the question to ask.
  • While playing chess, assign each piece a number. When you take a piece, add it’s value to the number of the last question asked.
  • When playing Scrabble, each time you play a word, use your current score to determine a question to ask your partner.

As you can see, it’s easy to spice up the games you like to play together to make them even more fun. Note that you don’t have to start at question 1 each time you play – try starting at 50, 100, 200 etc. Also, when you get to numbers greater than 469 just wrap around to the beginning again.

More Foreplay Games With Hot Sex Talk

Here are a few other ways you can play with the sex questions in the book:

  • Ask your partner to pick a number from 1 to 469 and look up the matching question to ask them. Then switch with you selecting a random number. Continue until you come up with a sexy idea you can’t wait to try out.
  • Randomly pick a page then roll a single die to determine which question on the page to ask. If the die number is greater than the number of questions on the page, you get to make up your own question to ask.
  • Roll one or two dice and use the number rolled to determine the first question. Switch and roll the dice again. This time add the roll to the last number to determine the next question. Continue until you get to the final question.
  • When driving together on a long trip, choose the license plate number of a passing car and use the numbers and letters in some way to determine which questions to ask. Alternate until you get to your destination or need to pull over for some fun.
  • When it’s your turn to answer a question from the book, also come up with your own question for your partner that is related to or follows on from the one you just finished.

Although intended for two lovers to play together, you can add to the erotic fun by playing with other couples too. If it’s your turn to ask the question, choose an appropriate person to answer based on the nature of the question. If you’re feeling extra frisky, use the question to inspire a sexy dare for the other player to perform.

469 Fun Sex Questions for Couples is available from Amazon on Kindle or as a paperback book. Start an intimate conversation with the one you love tonight and discover how much fun you can have talking about sex together. Enjoy teasing and tantalizing each other with hot talk as you reveal your erotic desires and inflame your craving for each other. Arouse both your mind and body as you discover what turns each other on.

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What other couples games can you think of using these fun sex questions? Please leave a comment with some of your ideas.