Intimate Questions – A Relationship Game for Couples

Intimate Couple

Whether you’re just starting to date or you’re in a long term relationship, couples need to talk with each other more. We need the emotional connection you get when expressing your thoughts and feelings to someone who actively listens and cares. Intimate conversations with the person we love give us a deeper understanding of each other’s desires, fears, hopes and dreams. Although we may feel vulnerable revealing intimate secrets about ourselves, sharing and exploring sensitive subjects together builds trust in your relationship and strengthens the bond with your partner.

A friend of mine is currently trying to find a woman to start a relationship with. He is exploring online dating but he expressed a common frustration. It’s actually the same kind of problem couples in long term relationships experience when they think they know each other:

“What do I talk about?”

Most online dating sites attempt to get couples communicating online first, then via phone calls then in person. When you think about it, married couples are in a similar situation when either one is away for some reason – they can only communicate via phone or email. It can actually be liberating since many people can express themselves more openly this way. You may feel freer to discuss more sensitive and intimate subjects like love and sex. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore new interests and discuss creative ways to spice up your relationship.

But the question still remains: What do you talk about? Also, how do you bring up more sensitive subjects that you want to explore but are either too shy or afraid to talk about? Here is a simple relationship game I suggested to my friend. Buy a book on relationships, romantic ideas or even a sex guide. While on a phone date suggest playing a game and describe these simple rules:

  1. Inform your partner about a book you have or let them select from a short list
  2. Ask for a number between 1 and the number of pages in the book
  3. Scan the page and read a section you find interesting or describe a picture
  4. They then ask you a provocative question related to what you read
  5. You answer the question and discuss the response then ask your own question

Your questions may end up being funny, intimate or serious. Some may even make you squirm in your seat as you face your own thoughts and feelings. Here are some benefits of using the book as the basis of your intimate questions:

  • You don’t control the topics so when sensitive subjects do come up you don’t need to censor yourself
  • You will come across subjects you may conveniently avoid even thinking about but are important
  • By playing the game, you are both in a more open frame of mind and ready to discuss sensitive ideas

The book provides the context around your discussion and may even provide more information or resources to help explore it in more detail.

I recommended the book 237 Intimate Questions Every Woman Should Ask a Manby Laura Corn. It’s actually a collection of snippets from other relationship books with a corresponding question already defined. Since my friend is a guy, I suggested he switch the rules slightly so that he reads the material and question then answers it first as if the woman was asking him. Then discuss the answer possibly with related questions and answers. Check off each question you do so you can go through them all without repeating – at least the first time round.

Here are some other sources of information to stimulate your question and answer sessions:

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This relationship game for couples is great for when you want more intimate ideas to talk about on the phone. They are even better when you are together in a playful or romantic mood. Play it as a bedroom game – building your emotional connection while thinking and talking about erotic ideas can lead to some amazing sex.

One caution: when sharing secret thoughts and details with each other, start slow as you increase your levels of trust in each other. Keep the questions light hearted and focus on relationship building questions rather than any subtle or implied accusations. Also listen intently to your partner with an open mind – you are playing this game to better understand each other and develop a deeper emotional connection.

We look forward to hearing about your experience playing this relationship game or any fun & interesting questions you have asked your partner. Please leave a comment to share with other couples.