Relationship Games to Restart Years of Love Together

Relationship Games Happy Couples

What better way to start off the New Year than to invest in the improvement of your relationship. This is the time when people start to set goals for the future but it can be hard to follow through unless you make it fun. One or more relationship games for couples may be just the ticket to improve your love life and help you enjoy even better sex together. You’ll be amazed how a strong and healthy marriage will help out with all your other goals too.

UPDATE: The original title for this article was “Relationship Games to Start the New Year” but why keep it to this arbitrary time. Any special date in your relationship can be the time you dedicate to enriching your love life with more fun and pleasure. In fact, you can pick any day and agree together to make it your special couples day. Celebrate it with a romantic get away weekend for two where you reconnect, get to know each other again and refresh your intimate bonds of love. You don’t even need to go away anywhere, just agree to carve out some time dedicated to just the two of you.

It may sound strange but many couples actually find it harder to talk about sex than just doing it (even that can be hard sometimes). However this can leave many needs and desires unfulfilled. Even if you’re both having good orgasms, your sex life may be leaving you wanting more. This can create some hidden tensions between you that could make intimate alone time together feel slightly uncomfortable or even awkward. Especially in longer term relationships, you may even feel more inhibited talking about your romantic/sexual needs and desires.

Good relationship games can help you both feel more comfortable reconnecting intimately on a deeper level. You’ll be encouraged to explore your romantic and sexual feelings in a variety of ways that make it fun and exciting. They also help to reignite a sense of curiosity about your erotic possibilities together by introducing you to new lovemaking tips, ideas and techniques. You may even want to schedule a couples game night starting today.

Recommended Relationship Games

Here are three relationship games that are getting amazing reviews. Click on the images below to find out more information and read some of the testimonials. You’ll love playing any of these couples games together whether you’re married or just dating.

The Discovery Game

Monogamy – A Hot Affair With Your Partner

Win Win Couples Game

The fun romantic games shown above are all rated with 5 stars. However, they are physical products so when you order them online right now, they’ll take a day or so to arrive. You’re most likely looking for something to enhance your relationship right now. How about making your own sexy couples game by spicing up some other regular games you like to play together?

Make Your Own Relationship Games

Some of the key ingredients to many romantic games are intimate questions and creative foreplay ideas. The questions will get you thinking and talking about your desires while the activities will get you to sample various sensual pleasures. These sexy activities are randomly presented during the game to build anticipation and passion for each other. You can get fun sex questions, ideas and tips online as instant downloads. Take a look at:

Rather than going through the questions or sex play ideas all at once, you can make a game of it by randomly choosing a number between 1 and 469,500 or 1000 and then discussing the corresponding question or performing the foreplay activity. You can also map the numbered questions to results in other games. For example, as you accumulate points in a game, you can ask the question corresponding to the current score with an appropriate adjustment factor (+50, +100, etc.). If your favorite game uses dice, add the dice value to the previous question number to get the next one and cycle around. Or use a timer and map the seconds to complete a challenge to a question. Make it a game to come up with new games that include the intimate questions or foreplay activities.

You can use any of the above books individually or combine them for even more variety.

Please leave a comment describing how you use theses Intimate Questions for Couples in your relationship games so other people can try them too.