Bet With Foreplay Strip Poker Rules for Couples

Strip Poker for Couples

Strip poker is usually more fun with a group of people but heads up poker could be a fun couples game too. If you really want to turn up the erotic heat in your private strip poker games for two, why not mix in some sexual favors with your wagers. This will make it more than just a simple stripping game. By spicing up the rules for strip poker with foreplay ideas, you can turn it into a great sex game for couples. Tame foreplay activities might be worth a few chips while really special erotic treats would be worth a lot more. With these new rules, you can “Bet Your Ass” literally.

The following strip poker rules assume you know the basics of poker play. You can adapt them to whatever variation you enjoy the most. Texas Hold’em works great with this couples game. In this variation of strip poker for two you’ll be betting with chips to make the game more like the real thing. However, it also allows you to bet with foreplay markers that represent chips. This slows down the stripping and mixes in more intimate play to build your excitement and stimulate your desire for each other.

To start, you’ll need to create a foreplay menu with a price list for various pleasuring activities. Write down a list of 10-20 sensual ideas each. Include a range of ideas from tender and loving to delightfully naughty or even kinky. Agree together on a price in chips for each foreplay item ranging value from 5-50 chips. Use these as special foreplay tokens or markers – pleasure promise notes that can be bet in combination with chips. You can download, fill in and print the sample Frisky-Foreplay-Poker.pdf template.

Preparing to Play Strip Poker as a Foreplay Game

Here are a few basic ideas to keep in mind before you begin (adapt as desired):

  • You should each start with 4 or 5 pieces of clothing on
  • Start with 50 chips each (give them any value you want)
  • Play by normal Poker rules (any style you desire)
  • Avoid nitty-gritty rules of official play – focus on hot fun
  • Use no limit betting conventions – encourage all in play
  • Alternate dealing and use small/big blinds or an ante
  • Agree on a sexual favor or fantasy reward for the overall winner
  • Play in bed or in a comfortable location that is warm
  • Have a glass of wine or other refreshment to relax your inhibitions
  • Collect a few foreplay accessories and have them available to use

More Erotic Rules for Strip Poker

Additional rules for this version of Strip Poker:

  • If you go all in and lose all your chips, strip off an article of clothing
  • If you’re already naked and lose all your chips, your partner wins the game
  • Each time you strip, redistribute the chips evenly for the next round
  • If you have the fewest chips, you can raise or call using a foreplay marker
  • Use only one foreplay marker per hand – end further betting
  • Once you play a foreplay marker, progress to showdown to see who wins
  • If you lose a foreplay bet, you must perform it immediately

Other ideas to spice up your strip poker games:

  • Use the FriskyBusinessCards.pdf template to create foreplay markers that you can bet in combination with poker chips (more info)
  • Assign chip values to cards from other foreplay games and use them to bet
  • Allow items to be double or triple bet to represent more time spent on a foreplay activity – assume 1-2 minutes for a single version
  • Assign a price for each type of clothing you’re wearing – you’re allowed to buy/sell items to each other for more chips
  • Allow the chip leader to “purchase” foreplay activities with chips at any time
  • Pretend you’re high stakes players vying for millions of dollars – roleplay fantasy characters to add a spicy flavor to your game play

Foreplay Ideas for Your Strip Poker Games

The foreplay marker concept gives you a way to add unending variety to your bedroom games. Just create a new set of sexual favors with different types of sexy ideas to enjoy. It also gives you control over what you’re willing to do during the game. Initially, you may try going all in using just chips (it’s no big deal to strip off your outer clothing). But, as you shed more clothing and the game heats up, you’ll tend to bet more intense erotic activities to avoid losing all your chips (and maybe losing the game). Also, if you have a really good hand, you may want to bet something really naughty. Since you’re betting something your lover desires, they’re more likely to call your bet. Or they might think you’re luring them with temptation. This makes bluffing even more fun.

Note that foreplay activities are not always just about pleasuring your partner physically. Sometimes you’ll do something for your partner and other times you’ll allow them to do something to you. They may actually enjoy pleasuring you in certain ways. How you phrase the foreplay idea makes all the difference. For example:

    Massage your cock with my breasts – Let you thrust your dick between my tits
    Lick your pussy until you purr – Spread my legs and let you lick my clit
    Pleasure you with a vibrator – Watch as I pleasure myself with a glass dildo
    Give you a sensual spanking – Bend over your knee and let you spank me
    Pleasure you with an anal dildo – Allow you to use a butt plug on me

Write your foreplay rewards or sexual favors in a way that offers your partner something they want while receiving pleasure for yourself as well.

Also take a look at How To Play Strip Poker Rules For An Intimate Couple Games Night for a slightly different betting variation of strip poker for couples. Poker For Lovers is a game you can buy that comes with chips labeled with sexy ideas you can bet with.

Add Strip Poker to your collection of bedroom games and heat up the action in your relationship. Enjoy playing with your partner in and out of the bedroom. If you have any other sexy rules to share, please leave a comment. We would also like to hear about your experiences playing this game or any enhancements you add to it.